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About Sulin


Sulin is a professional artist and private art instructor who specializes in various mixed media such as oil pastels, color pencil, pencil sketching, acrylic painting, air – dry 3D sculpture and ceramic art works.


Her work has earned her many distinctions including the prestigious plum logo design competition and national carpet graphic design competition. She has been a member of many local art guilds during her career.


Sulin’s passion for art emerged during her college years in Taipei, Taiwan. Her professional career as an artist began in 2000 where she gained interest in hand made art and craft making. Her floral – themed designs were inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii as well as from diverse types of flora. She has made a range of highly elaborate works which include wedding bouquets, decorative floral arrangements, and detailed figurines. She moved to Houston in 2005 and started her business Forever Creations.


Sulin’s strong devotion to art and community encouraged her to educate young children and give them an opportunity to foster their own creativity. Her latest projects involve meticulously detailed ceramic ware that is both functional and aesthetic.


Sulin currently teaches at her art studio. She teaches private lessons to students ages 4 and up, based on their current skill level.






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