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About Private Lessons



Forever Creations private art lesson is dedicated to teach new and experienced students artistic design and expression to create the pieces of art that awe and inspire you and many others. Forever Creations has over a decade of experience in private art lessons. We teach our students the fundamentals of many forms of art including sketching (color and pencil), oil pastels, acrylic paint, and mixed media art. Lessons are customized to fit the current level of skill set of the student with their interests in mind.


Each lesson will build upon the students existing skills to introduce advanced techniques, materials, and styles in fine art. Artists as young as 4 are welcomed and encouraged to come take classes; there are no age restrictions!


Artistic design and expression are the core of our principles. Our curriculum will focus and build upon the student’s inner creativity, a critical aspect of any artist. In addition, exercising creativity will build confidence and in the process, help student’s self-expressionism. Our curriculum will give our students the solid foundation to become great artists and apply those concepts to any field. Most importantly, we want our students to have a fun experience while continuing to build upon their art skills.


Class Information and Policy


  • One session includes a one‐hour class each week for 4 consecutive weeks. The tuition for one session is $130. Any individual one‐hour class that is not part of a 4‐week session is $40.
  • Newly enrolled students require a registration fee of $50.
  • Tuition is due on the first day of a session.
Scheduling Classes
  • Classes are by appointment only with Ms. Sue.
  • Make up classes are available, but Ms. Sue must be notified at least 72 hours in advance for re‐scheduling. If less than 72 hours Ms. Sue is not guarantee to have make up class due to re‐schedule issue.
  • Make up classes must be scheduled and completed by the end of the 4‐week session. Ms. Sue will not make‐up any class from a previous session or refund a skipped class.
Absents and Tardiness
  • No makeup classes or refunds are available for no‐call‐no shows (i.e., a student does not call and does not show up for a class).
  • If you are running late, please let Ms. Sue know by calling 832‐814‐6006. The lesson will still end at its regularly scheduled time. There is no refund or prorated tuition if a student is late.


Artwork of Students 10 Years and Up

Artwork of Students 7-9 Years Old

Artwork of Students 3-6 Years Old

Weekly Schedule


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9am-2pm closed 3pm-7pm 3pm-7pm 3pm-7pm 3pm-7pm 9am-3pm

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